Thursday, November 6, 2008

Faux Cochon de Lait

In New Orleans it is now the fad to put "Cochon de Lait" sandwiches on menus of po boy places, sandwich shops, and BBQ joints. However what they give you is a pulled pork sandwich whose origins are in the Carolinas. Anyone feeding you pulled pork for Cochon de Lait is feeding you a line of bullshit (literally and figuratively). Pulled pork is pork shoulder (Boston butt) of a mature hog slow cooked until it is falling apart. The best is hand shredded then some moisture in the form of thin sauce is added back in. Cochon de Lait is a baby pig under 40 lbs or so, slow roasted whole. Then you slice off pieces of the various parts top with the crisp skin and chow down. So if you do not want to call pulled pork by it's real name invent some snappy title like Cajun Shredded Pork, Forked Butt, LA Cochon, etc but don't call it what it aint ie Cochon de Lait.
If this keeps happening I may have to form a special squad of the Food Police to deal with these frauds. I feel lots better now that is done. Some things eat at me until I just have to spew it out

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