Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kentucky Fried Chicken

I was wandering around Friday afternoon checking out a venue when I happen to pass Kentucky Fried Chicken (I have never called it KFC). Anyway it had been awhile since I had some so I pull in. I eventually got the Guitar Box. Overall good. The leg had that old fashion taste I associate with Kentucky Fried. The Snacker under the biscuit also had the right crust. They use a black pepper mayo or dressing which made this item a bit spicy and very tasty. I would eat it again. The tenders were OK but the crust while seeming to have the herbs and spices was not thick enough to impart their flavor. Not worth repeating. The mac and cheese was ever the same (processed cheese), the biscuit good but the BBQ beans were undercooked. While the sauce was good the beans had hard centers. Overall I would give it a B

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