Saturday, November 15, 2008


I had to work until 2 PM Saturday. I was going to hit the grocery store for a few items and eat from them. Did not happen as it seems Saturday afternoon is grocery shopping time for the whole city. The places I tried had no handicap spots left and no electric carts available. I was near Popeyes so I pulled in there. I am a sucker for onions in any way shape or form. The new menu board seemed to have a new onion ring so I got an order. In a light flour batter with a smidgen of cayenne pepper and near greaseless they are the best onion rings they have had in a long while. A+ material. Defintely a keeper.

Not so for the shrimp po boy. Looks good doesn't it. Well the shrimp and the Delta sauce were. However they committed a cardinal sin in my eyes. They nuked the bread. By the time I got it home and I live just around the corner from this store, I could have resoled my shoe with it and it wore it for years without any wear. Stick with the popcorn shrimp. Do not get the po boys here.

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