Monday, September 12, 2011

Pappy's 2627 Ryan St # A Lake Charles, LA 70601-7325 (337) 436-2813

Bargain Bee time. The gumbo here is consistent and good. Nice dark roux, fair amount of boneless chicken and a decent sausage. The rice is cooked to my taste and the potato salad has sweet relish. Virtually all my favorite flavors. Garlic toast a nice touch.
This out of focus kibbie probably deserves to be out of focus. It consisted of 90% bulgar shell with 10% meat. Not good
I have not had the shrimp remoulade po boy in years. Again as good as it ever was. I just wish they would toast the bread a bit more. I am not one for lettuce on po boys and hamburgers but this shredded lettuce worked for me. Listen I am so old that I remember Pappy's as a convenience store with a huge magazine area which had a nice selection of naughty mags.
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