Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cafe Piquet 5757 Bissonnet Street Bellaire, TX 77401 (713) 664-1031

This a Cuban restaurant. Below is Tostones (Fried Green Plantains) with garlic oil on the side. You peal an unripe plantain and cut into sections. The longer the section the larger the tostone will be. You pan fry the cylinders but not all the way through. Then it is squashed into a round and refried. They are not sweet but have a lovely starchy flavor. The garlic oil adds a new dimension.

I then order a combo platter called the La Rumba. It contained Ropa Vieja, Pernil, Picadillo,arroz blanco, yucca con mojo,platanos maduros That translates to Shredded beef, pork roast topped with garlic and Cuban ground beef served with white rice, yucca with garlic and ripe platains. Going around the rice at the top is the pork. Hunks of braised pork in a Mojo (sour citrus marinade) with the garlic in oil on top. Tender and tasty. Next is the beef. Very much like shredded pork but beef. It came with onions on top. Ok. Next is the boiled yucca with the garlic oil on top. Very starchy and now I know I prefer the fried kind. Then comes the ground beef dish. It is basically ground beef cooked with peas, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots with capers. I really liked this. I have fixed a similar dish. Last is the fried sweet platains. They were quite lovely. Sweet and little greasy but in a good way

I had Tres leches Three milk cake for dessert. Nice presentation but the top third of the cake was not soaked and tasted like it had been hanging around awhile

All in all a nice restaurant and I would go back because there is so much more on the menu. I just wanted to hit the traditional stuff.

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