Friday, September 9, 2011

Creole Cream Cheese

My favorite so far. Creole cream cheese is a product that was as far as I know a New Orleans phenomenon. Back 4o or 50 years ago every milk company in the city made their own version . It slowly faded out but had a rebirth when Maute family started making it again and selling at the farmers market. Several family dairies jump on board as did John Folse. It is made by separating the cream from the milk. Then the milk is coagulated. The curds are drained until a soft product is obtain. It is then put in a container and the cream added back to it. Some just pour the cream over the proto-cheese while others give a little mix. Either way you wind up with a creamy rich product with a pronounced tang. In the day most was eaten for breakfast either with fruit or salt and pepper. These days in New Orleans you see a lot of ice cream and cheesecakes made with it. This is the best of the ice creams. It maintains the integrity of the product while giving a rich creamy mouthfeel. Again the tartness cuts through the taste bud cloying of the cream to allow you eat it spoonful after spoonful. I have been very busy but I hope to run by Albertsons to see what flavors they have. Adrian I am ready for my next shipment.
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Melissa said...

Where can I buy creole cream cheese in Lake Charles?