Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Kitchen 417 Prewitt Street Lake Charles, LA 70601-6014 (337) 436-1444

I have followed the three incarnations of this place over the years from the shack (plate lunch out a window no interior seating) to the present location. I do not frequent as much as I should. That is why I loved it when they went Bargain Bee. Below is the cornbread and cake you get with a plate lunch plus an extra piece of cornbread because I knew I was going to need it. Cornbread slightly on the sweet side which I love. Cake some moist lemon bunt

The reason I only g0 here on Tuesdays. Ox tail my favorite. Here they have it sliced unlike most places that do by the joint. Fork tender and flavorful like usual. I got mustard greens and cabbage hence the need for two pieces of cornbread. Both well smothered and spiced.

Instead of rice or mashed potatoes I got sweet potato in a cinnamon syrup

The Kitchen

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