Friday, September 30, 2011

Dippity 815 S. Main St., Lumberton, Tx (409) 755-3632

Had to return to try The Texas Tummy Tackler. Below is the excellent onion rings. Cut medium in a batter. You must eat it first because it goes sideways after they cool off. One of the disadvantages of using a batter

Here it is. I liked this big burger rather than two or three patties stack as they throw of the balance of bread and burger. They started out as a donut shop and bakery. No donuts but they bake their own bun every day. As you can see a nice patty crisp on the edges with nice melted cheese and three crisp pieces of bacon. These day I 86 lettuce and pickles and am about to forgo tomatoes. In future it will be just mayo, mustard, and onions. If this place bargain bees again I will purchase it. The burger is that good

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