Monday, September 12, 2011

Auntie Chang 2621 South Shepherd Dr # 290 Houston, TX 77098-1596 (713) 524-8410

A recent foray into Houston and I had a voucher for a dumpling house. They had a number of condiments on each table to mix up your customized dipping sauce. They contained plum sauce, mustard, ginger oil, red chile oil, jalapeno oil, and soy sauce. I loved it.
To eat up all of the voucher I went old school and they obliged by being old school with the Shrimp toast. A layer of shrimp paste on plain bread in the right proportion. Tasted wonderful
Hot oil sesame noodles was an attempt to replicate a similar dish I have had in Houston. However not the same but good. This was sorta of like Bun but with heat hot sesame poured over noodles and finished with chopped peanuts. It was mildly spicy.
On to the dumplings They had Pork dumpling pot stickers which were good. I had fun creating different dipping sauces from the pots.
They had a combo of 2 each steamed pork, chicken, spinach, and shrimp dumplings. I really prefer steamed. Same pork mixture as the pot sticker. The chicken was ok. Spinach was surprisingly good and the shrimp really nice. Interesting menu and I would return to other things
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Auntie Chang

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