Friday, September 30, 2011

Guadalajara 4414 Dowlen, Beaumont, Texas (409) 924-7718

I do not know if this place is related the Guadalajara recently closed in Sulphur. When I reviewed it certainly did have the same menu. The chip were just out of the fryer, hot, thin and corny. The salsa a little cold just the way I like it and a bit spicy. Perfect

Below is one of my new favorites in Mexican cuisine. Tostadas de Ceviche. Two tostadas with ceviche (shrimp, tilapia, and calamari) sour cream,lettuce, and shredded cheese topped with sliced avocado. Unfortunately their too much shredded lettuce. I knock most that off. They start with a tostado. The sour cream comes next in a thin layer. Then the marinated seafood, lettuce, shredded cheese (white fresca) and avocado slices. It is a surprising combo that works for me. Crispy, creamy, tart, and unctuous

I know this as Coctel de Camerone but they call it Shrimp Cocktail here. 12 jumbo shrimp in our special cocktail sauce with pico de gallo and sliced avocados served with crackers I dived right in but it did not have the heat level I am use to. It dawns on me that the Valentino sauce they brought with it (bottle hiding behind the goblet) was so I could spice to what level I want. I made one mistake however. I did not mix it enough. There was a tomato pico at the bottom which should have been brought up to the top in the beginning. I was left with it and no shrimp. Still very good and I would order it again

Tres leches cake was thoroughly moist and the best I have had in awhile. Another plus for this place

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