Monday, September 6, 2010


One weekend I was burning some Groupons in the east houston area (Kemah & Seabrook). For lunch I went to a greek inspired place. It was nice and not far from the water. I started off with Keftethes. Handmade beef meatballs topped with avgolomento lemon sauce. Oregano scented meatballs in a sprightly sauce. It was very good and a great counterpoint to the next dish. I took a page from my sister's book and went with appetizers.Next came the GREEK BAR TRASH. Octopus, Kalamari, Shrimp, and Scallops all grilled and brushed with seasoned olive oil then finished with fresh lemon. Served with fresh toasted bread. All tender except the octopus body. Lots of greek flavor. The very simple seasoning and the grill brought out the best in this seafood. The calamari bodies were very tender. The octopus tentacles were a bit chewy but not excessively so. Not so the body which was inedible. All in all a really nice dish with great flavors
I finished up with Galaktoboureko. Homemade Greek custard baked in a flaky crust then drizzled with honey syrup and dusted with powdered sugar. What I got was the custard in a crepe. Not what I was expecting but still very sweet and good
I would recommend this place for a light lunch or dinner. Its menu is huge. I barely scraped the surface. Below is a link to the website

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