Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jo Jo's

I was in this part of town checking out the progress of the Mongolian Grill (seem to have come to a standstill) so I decided to do revisit at Jo Jo's. They were having a steady trade not as full as when they first opened. The staff was just as efficient and courteous. Below in Sour and Spicy soup that is as classic as when I first ate it here.

I like the way they do the shrimp roll in this elongated form. Also it is almost all shrimp with just some green onion and crispy wrapper. The sweet and sour sauce also goes well with it.
I opted for the Kung Pao Shrimp with white rice from the lunch menu. The shrimp and sauce were excellent but I was a bit surprised by the brunoise cut on the vegetables. No big deal I will use a fork instead of chop sticks. However I could not stomach that the carrots were virtually raw. I ate the delectable shrimp and like a good Cajun boy the rice. Most of it got left of the plate. I do not consider it a bad thing just not my thing.

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