Thursday, September 9, 2010

Victoria's Taqueria

For the last couple of weeks when I passed by here going home I thought I saw chairs and tables. So today I pulled up and there were table and chairs. Tables with napkin holders and salt and pepper shakers. It is still counter service and they have no air conditioning but now I can sit down and not try juggling the order and my crutches.

Below in an aqua fresca, tamarindo. It is a sweet/sour drink made from the seeds and pulp of the tamarind tree. Other uses include worcestershire sauce and a lot of latin cooking. I tasted it years ago and loved it. I get it any time I can.
I got a couple of gorditas. A split corn tortilla loaded up like a gyro. These are all meat with onions and cilantro if you like which I do not. This one is tongue. Delicious and better than any beef except perhaps heart. You can count on innards for delivering taste
This one is barbacoa. Not really BBQ but it tends to have been charred on a flattop
They ask you what hot sauce you want. Chose the red mild unless you are a true chili head then the atomic green is for you. Now that I know they have seating I will stopping here more often. Now if I could convince them to do the drive thru window I would be set

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