Monday, September 20, 2010


This true Mexican across the river had slipped my mind for awhile but has popped back into it. I found it still open (thank you sulphur for supporting it) and somewhat improved. The menu has been spiffied up. It is more logically put together with some new stuff I am dying to try. Below is the two salsas brought to the table. The one on the left is an excellent mild red salsa with hunks of tomato, peppers and onions. The one on the left is a creamy tomatillo salsa. While it still contains lots of heat it also contains lots of flavor. For me dipping the chip and knocking off the excess brought the heat to where I could stand it. It has just good flavor I used it in the gordita and taco I ate.
Here are the chips. They are pretty standard but not greasy. Nice way to start the meal
This is the Tostada de Ceviche de Camaron. A flat crisp tortilla layered with mayonnaise and shrimp cooked in lemon juice and mixed with pico de gallo topped with lettuce and avocado.
It is a wonderful amalgamation of flavors and textures. Crisp corn tortilla, unctuous mayo cutting through the tangy shrimp, nice bite of pico and the buttery smoothness of the avocado. I suspect this will be my starter every time I eat here

I thought I had ordered a one gordita with barbacoa and one with chicharron however the server thought I had ordered a half and half gordita. I did not dissuade him as this allowed me to order something else. The barbacoa was shredded beef with little smoke or bbq flavor. The chicharron which should be pork skins braised in tomatillo sauce turned out to be squares of pork belly (now used for cracklins) braised in a mild sauce. The good thing about them was they had been braised long enough and cut small enough that they were edible. After a little doctoring with sour cream and guacamole (I had order on the side) it was fine
Not pictured is a tongue soft taco on corn tortillas. When I first came here the meat in the taco was of the right proportion. However they have succumb to the american idea that more is better. I personal do not think so but it was delicious never the less. There are lots of new and interesting dishes on the menu. Expect to see them here the future

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