Monday, September 27, 2010

Joes Pizza and Pasta


Joe’s Pizza and Pasta
425 7th St.
Lake Charles LA

Seven days a week 14:00 AM to 9.30 PM $1.50 to $21

To my knowledge this is the fifth venue of this establishment to date. There are two in east Texas and now three in southwest Louisiana. They seem to be all owned by one family who use their mother’s and grandmother’s recipes. I believed they are of Sicilian descent but perhaps a different region that the ones here in SW LA. The cuisine is just different enough to make it interesting. I did a review some three years ago on the Sulphur operation. The new one deserves one also.

The garlic knot rolls they bring out are as good as they have always been. The in-house Tomato Italian dressing for salads I do not remember. However it is too acrid for my taste. When I saw mussels on the menu I rejoiced until brought them out and I remember that they use New Zealand green lips which I hate. However the white wine sauce was fantastic. I sopped it up with the rolls and was quite happy. I suggest getting anytime you see it on the menu. My Eggplant Parmesan proved as delicious as the one from across the river. My side of pasta with the tasty but fresh marinara sauce was like a bonus. They slice the eggplant lengthwise, fry it, slather on marinara and mozzarella then bake it, fantastic. My order of Tiramisu was outstanding

Next time my sister came with me. Unfortunately she did not care for the house dressing also. My order of Garlic Cheese Bread was as good as ever, ooey gooey. My sister went with the Stuffed Mushrooms. These crabmeat stuffed delights came in a spinach enhanced white sauce. Mine proved delicious. I got the Linguine al Olio. Pasta tossed with garlic, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes. I love the simplicity of just pasta and oil. I kinda put the tomatoes aside so I could eat just the pasta and oil. However I did taste a piece of tomato and it proved so good that I ate them as sorta a side dish. I also got a side dish of meatballs. Not quite as large as I remember but just as tasty smothered in the excellent marinara sauce of theirs. My sister went for a strawberry cheesecake and me the classic cannoli (fried tube of dough stuffed with sweetened ricotta and chocolate chips). Both were good.

This is a short review but I saw and tasted enough to assure myself that their standard is being kept up. The prices are reasonable especially at lunch. They also serve plenty of food. I am told by reliable sources that the pizza is great. I saw enough boxes being brought to the front to confirm that. I however am not a pizza fan so I did not indulge. All I can say is give this place a try and you will be happy with them

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Anonymous said...

I found Joes to be absolutely disgusting. I tried to eat their chicken parmigiana, which is a staple dish and easy to prepare, and it was inedible. The chicken did not look like real meat. It was stringy looking, almost, dare I say, as if it came out of a can. Absolutely disgusting.