Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Southern Classic Chicken

Last week I had to travel to Shreveport for medical reasons. I was planning a trip of a more leisurely type ever since I read that the four laning of Hwy 171 had been completed. It was to be a sentimental journey. Forty years ago I traversed the then mostly two lane 171 to go to and from Centenary College. The first three on Continental Trailways and the last in the 1953 Ford Mainline Flathead V-8 that had been handed down to me by my father. A car of my own age as it was bought the year of my birth. The bottom third or so through DeRidder and Leesville much the same as it goes through the hearts of these towns. Then it begins to skirt the smaller towns it normally went through except Many. It still goes through the center of town there but skirts the other small towns after. While it took longer back then the road seems to have lost part of its soul. However it has gained a new soul of fine scenery and pine forest and the ability to pass log and chip trucks. Several things that have not changed is that is ain't straight and level it is not. Next month when I have return to Shreveport, I will go up 171 as it is a journey I like.

As is my wont I was checking out places to eat going up and down the corridor. I ran across a small chain that seem interesting. A chicken joint call Southern Classic Chicken. There is one in Many and Mansfield with several in Shreveport. I stopped off at the Many one as I could see it from the road. It has small footprint (6 booths) and a drive thru. It just does deep fried chicken and sides, Below in a three piece (drumstick, thigh, and breast) with a schoolhouse roll. Nice crisp flour coating with a nice spice profile. The meat did not seem to be marinated but it was nice and moist without being greasy. As I made my way through the leg and thigh the breast was still hot when I got to it.
I am particular about my fries so I usually get mashed potatoes and gravy instead. I fear I made a mistake in this case. The fries I saw on others people plate seem just right. Kinda of a skinny fry like the burger joints. The gravy here seems to be chicken and mine had a sour note.
However the McD apple pie clones were excellent. Just the right amount of cinnamon in the filling with a crispy crust that held the heat in until I got to it at the end of the meal
If you are every travelling in North Louisiana and love good fried chicken be on the look out for these joints. They hold as good a piece of fried chicken as I have ever had

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