Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cochon the Butcher

This is what is sitting on the tables. It is a minefield. Not so much the regular sauce. However the other one has proven to be my downfall. They sell it at the venue and I bought a bottle. Sweet potato habanero sauce is wonderful. I am not a chilehead but this not tongue blowing. Heat level about super jalapeno with lots of fruit notes. I put it on everything even desserts. There is a problem. It is only sold at the Butcher. I have one way of getting it but if that falls through I have put together a system of chile mules that will buy and transport it to me. Probably totally illegal but I have to have my sauce
Below is the charcuterie plate of that day. From top left going clockwise Bresola (air dried beef), green olives, Cochon mustard (available on line or in local stores), soppressata (spicy hard salami) , cotto salami, duck rillettes (duck cooked in fat until tender then pounded with some fat resembles pate). There were toasted slice of bread also. Everything was good but I loved the air dried beef
This was the cheese plate of the day. They buy from St James Company (local cheese shop). Again from the top left are pickled mirleton, Rouge River Blue (cows milk US), Selles sur cher (goats milk France), La Welsho (cows milk France). I like the blue best of all.
Still being a bit hungry I got a GLT. Guanciale (cured and smoked hog jowl) lettuce and tomato sandwich. Nice bread and the chips were good. I have liked hog jowl for ages getting my fix from Burger's Smokehouse via mail. This certainly hit the spot.

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