Friday, August 27, 2010

Booda's Bistro


Booda’s Bistro
345 Broad St
Lake Charles LA

Monday to Saturday Breakfast 6:00 AM to 10.30 PM $1 to $8
Lunch 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday Brunch 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Not much was done except some spiffing up and a bar added in the rear from its previous incarnation. The menu is about half breakfast and half lunch. In the future dinner will be added. The place is named after one of the partner’s dog. This theme continues on the menu with breakfast plates named after various dog breeds and a small hot dog selection

Let us start with breakfast. I went for a Loco Moco, a Hawaiian breakfast staple, since I knew the chef had spent some time there. The base is two scoops of rice followed by a hamburger steak topped with fried eggs and drowned in brown gravy. Kinda of unusual but think about it. These are Southwest Louisiana staples just served for breakfast that’s all. I enjoyed mine (good rice, good gravy, good grief I ate it all). They offer breakfast sandwiches, one of which features a product called Taylor Pork Roll. From the east coast it consists of minced pork meat made into a big sausage smoking it in the process. Think jumped up spam shaped like bologna but so much better.

Next I tried the French Toast. Mon cheri, thick slices of French bread cut on the bias. They were completely soaked with custard and cooked though out, a miracle these day I guartee. Rich enough so there was no need for syrup. I got a side of bacon and grits. Nice thick crisp smoky slices and stiff fully hydrated grits which I love. I finished the breakfast forays by cherry picking some sides. I got cheese grits (a little looser but full of cheesy goodness), biscuits (respectable almost cat heat size pillows of dough) and grilled smoky Cajun sausage link (very nice). They also offer egg and meat plates, omelets, pancakes, breakfast, and biscuit sandwiches. I hear that on Sunday specials are offered

As for lunch I started out with the gumbos and a soup du jour. Both the Seafood and Chicken Sausage featured dark rouxs with thin flavorful broths. Just the way I love them. The soup du jour I ate was a beef vegetable. Lots of ground beef with potatoes, corn, beans, peas and carrots that hit the spot.

I had a couple of starters along the way, the Boudin Egg Rolls and Fried Gator Bites. The egg rolls had an excellent filling with a liver under note. They seemed under filled but the steam really puffed the skins out. They were full enough to make them interesting. The alligator seemed marinated and then coated with seasoned flour and fried. For the most part very tender

I tried two of the dogs, Flying Hawaiian and Chicago. I was a bit let down. I expected them to be bigger and more loaded that they were. However they were tasty enough. The Hawaiian was dressed with a sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and the Chicago had a snappy relish but no way near the traditional toppings. I was blown away by my burger. I started with an Old Fashion Burger and built on it with bacon, sautéed onions, cheddar, and pickled jalapenos. They served it on a sour dough jalapeno cheddar bun. The patty obviously hand formed proved juicy and tender. Therefore I got juicy, smoky, sweet, spicy, etc with every bite. I was quite satisfied. I have heard from a reliable source the Reuben is excellent also.

Sides are good here. Perfect fried thick beer batter onion rings and fresh fried potato chip to name two. Also don’t deprive yourself of a piece of the in-house baked bundt cake. I ate lemonade with raspberry sauce and an orange one. They possessed a nice light citrus note.

While they do their best they can be overwhelmed during peak hours. I like going at off hours. I encountered a more laid back attitude which was more conducive to me relaxing a bit. I look forward the dinner options and maybe a special Sunday menu

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