Monday, August 16, 2010

Wendy's Salad

As many of you know I am a coupon person, I do not really care much for salads, and I seldom look at prices on food. Recently I found myself in possession of a $1 off for the new Wendy's salad. Since they all seemed to possess meat I thought what the heck. However I did get sticker shock when told at the drive thru it would be $6 even with the dollar off. Muttering to myself "this better be worth it". You know what it was. Below is an unassembled Santa Fe salad. It is probably better that it is unassembled because it would have been trash by the time I drove home. You get a nice salad base not just iceberg with a little salsa in this case. The salad dressing and chili in separate containers along with some fried tortilla strips. This salad is like a taco salad without the shell. I can also affirm it was tasty and filling. It was as good or better than any entree salad I have ever eaten at a restaurant. I think I have another coupon around somewhere. If I do and it has not expired I will post another salad.

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