Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thad a Petch

Almost the entire month of August has been deadly for my blog. Between the heat, problems at work, problems at the house, happening to be out of town for three weekends, and to be quite honest having blogger block I have fallen behind. I have a few in the queue that I will dole out then maybe with cooler weather the juices will flow again

The first week out of town was a run up to Leesville to Thad a Petch. As usual everything was delicious Below are the pics (this was more of just a good lunch with good friends I did not take pictures of everything). The following three not pictured
Pla-Meuk Tod (Tempura calamari, eggplant and broccoli).
Curry Puff (fried puff with potatoes, onion, and yellow curry with cucumber in sweet sauce
Chicken Cake (deep fried ground chicken with red chili and Thai herbs)
This was a fried squid and vegetable tempura dish
Hor mhok ta lay (seafood mix with coconut milk, red curry and basil)
Pad ke mao, Pan fried flat rice noodles with chicken, bell pepper, tomato, onion and egg.

Pad thai with calamari
Green curry with chicken
Ped raad khing (boneless half duck deep fried topped with mushroom, bell pepper and ginger

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