Friday, July 30, 2010

Pizzitola's in Houston

Sounds like a pizza place but it is a BBQ venue. The reason for all this Houston stuff is that I have hooked up with a website called Groupon. They offer half off deals on all things Houston daily Monday thru Saturday including some restaurants. I was working off some of them. This place offered a Slab of Ribs To Go so I grab some on my way out of Houston. With the coupon this only cost me $2.30. Below is their dipping sauce. A tomato/vinegar blend with some spice and a nice tang that went well with the ribs
Here is the rack. They do a smaller rack than most but that was fine with me. Instead of getting thick meat with a smoke ring I got just the right amount of meat smoked all the way through and tender to boot. An old fashioned rib seasoned with just salt and pepper and smoked on the oldest pit in Houston dating from 1936.
There is an interesting back story to this place. When it opened back then it was a blacks only establishment. If a white person wanted some of this excellent BBQ they had to go to the back door to get it and then eat it on picnic tables in the parking lot. The current owners stick to the original owner's methods and seasonings and I am glad for that

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