Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This was kill some time while the lady cleans the house Tuesday. I had a coupon and it's near and there are somethings I like there. Instead of chili I got the baked potato soup. Creamy with nice chunks of potato and the toppings. As good as you can get at a chain
Instead of my usually burger I ventured into their slider menu. I got Meat Heads which are meatloaf sliders. Slices of grilled meatloaf with BBQ sauce and onion strings on the house bread. The house bread is no longer that cotton candy kind normally seen at chain roadhouses but a more substantial crumb that still has a yeasty sweetness. Perfect for the meatloaf. I opted for the mac and cheese which was decent. With all of that I was full. So much that I did not do dessert.

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