Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carlyss BBQ (Orginal Pink Pig)

So Saturday I am thinking of going to my favorite BBQ place in Moss Bluff eating a smoked hamburger and getting some ribs for the Fourth. Just on a whim I look up the number and call. It has been disconnected. Oh boy will have to confirm that. My second choice does not even open on Saturday. A BBQ place that does not open on Saturday, who do they think they are. The two places closest to me I had bad experience the last time I was in. Then it popped into my head the forgotten gem. I needed to go across the river to check something out anyway and I have never gotten bad stuff from this place. Below is a link of smoked boudin. Just as smoky and full of shredded pork with the right seasonings as I remember
They have tamales so I took a chance. Not bad. As near to Mancuso's as you can get. Ground meat in a moist masa shell with good spice kick. They include a container of hot sauce in case it is not hot enough. It was fine for me
Below is the ribs (half a rack) No sauce but they include if you want to indulge. More on them in the next post. Ain't they beautimus

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