Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pho Tien

This time I had my camera but I was so excited about my meal I forgot to take a picture until it was gone from my plate. I started with my usually steamed dumplings which was delicious as usual. From the dishes they have run on the white board they picked the most popular and they are now part of the regular menu. Most of them are Chinese dishes which included my favorite. It goes under several names. Salt roasted, salt toasted, salt and pepper are just some of the variations. It is usually shrimp or squid. The protein is dusted with corn starch and pan or wok sauteed. Then a mixture of salt and black pepper with perhaps green onions, jalapeno, sesame seeds added and woked till done. At Pho they use diagonal cut jalapeno slices with onions and green bell pepper added. It is served over rice with a Pho Tien salad with Nuoc Mam on the side. I found this delicous as I do any variation of it. It just suits my taste. Sweet, salty, spicy.

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