Friday, December 18, 2009

Full Do's

Sorry no photo. I stopped in on this wonderful soul food place on Opelousas looking for smothered pork chops. They did not have it that day so I went with the smothered steak. I received a large chuck steak that covered the main compartment of a three compartment styro clamshell. It sat on a huge mound of perfect rice soaked in the gravy from the steak. If the picnic pack would have had a spoon the steak was so tender I could have used that. My mind still on the pork I got yams and cabbage as my sides with a piece of cornbread. The yams were in a dark brown sugar syrup and the cabbage smothered down with bacon had a nice spice kick. The cornbread was a little dense for my taste but the whole meal made up for that. Great place to get a little soul if you are on that in of town. Take away is encouraged.

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