Monday, December 21, 2009

El Tapatio

No picture sorry. I had to put in hours Sunday also. Few places are open but I knew this one was. It had been awhile since I had been. I noted two things at once. They now have a liquor license so if you cannot have Mexican with getting soused on margaritas or beer you can now come here. The other is the outside paint job which I had noticed when I passed by and inside new bench seating for the booths. Both beautiful and comfortable looking. I went with my regular starter which is a Chile Rellenos. I am spoiled by this. The stuffed one at Tequila was just too much. I now like the flavor of the poblano pepper with a little cheese over everything else. I then proceeded to a Carnitas platter with refried beans, rice, and el tapatio salad. The thing I love about this one is that they still use Boston Butt instead or pork loin. It is crispy, meaty and fatty. What a pork roast should be. I have a real case of forgetting the camera in the car. I guess when my cell phone goes south I will have to break down and at least get one with a camera.

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