Friday, December 18, 2009

Nina P's

I had Pho Tien on my mind but they were taking the day off for some reason so I slipped around the corner and it was early enough that the establishment was pretty empty. A situation that turned into full with a line out the door as noon approached. I got the chicken and sausage gumbo which while ok did not seem as good as the last time I was here. Must have been an off day.

I then went for the roast beef po boy. The bread was excellent. Crisp crust and soft crumb. The roast beef had been chopped and mixed with a gravy. The bread soaked up the juice. While OK for Lake Charles this sandwich would not have flown in New Orleans. The beef seemed to be deli slices while a reputable place in New Orleans would have cooked it from scratch. The gravy seemed a lot salty which implies to me that it was made from a mix. Still all in all it was certainly edible and I therefore ate it

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