Saturday, December 19, 2009


I had to work Saturday morning and I was hungry for breakfast but did not want to fix it. I headed for PG Diner. I want to see if their menu was going to live up to the new paint job and electronic sign. I do not know if it is like that every Saturday or it was because of being the Saturday before Christmas. Not an empty space in the parking lot. I was about 9:45 so I thought maybe IHOP would have done with the breakfast crowd and not yet gotten the lunch bunch. Wrong again but they did have one handicap space left so what the hell. I got one of the seasonal pancake specials. It was gingerbread cake and quite good with a great ginger taste. It came with 4 slices of bacon and two eggs. The eggs were a perfect sunny side up. Left me wanting toast to sop up the yolks. The bacon was not as crispy as I normally like but did in a pinch. The hole on the left side was where the hash browns should have gone but I subbed

GRITS. Perhaps the best grits in the city at this point. They were thick and fully hydrated with a great hominy taste. With all the syrups on the table (when will this branch realize cane syrup is what most people want here) I could have gone sweet cereal but I like my breakfast grits savory. Butter, salt and lots of black pepper. I left the table satisfied then the trouble started. Computer malfunction had the line out the door to pay. They had to use a calculator and knuckle buster to process

I may have to go back as some of the breakfast option peaked my curiosity and the service and the food has improved

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Rose said...

I have had this exact same breakfast two weeks in a row: sunny side up, bacon, grits, and gingerbread pancakes! The gingerbread pancakes were unusually delicious. Wish they weren't only offered for a limited time. Best thing I have eaten in a long time!