Friday, August 29, 2008

Fresh Ham Roast

As you may know me and my cousin went in on a hog. I ordered the ham section (rear leg) not to be cured and smoked. I want to try it like fresh pork. Ham being part of a primary muscle has little intramuscular fat so I thought I would brine it to insure juiciness. Here is the 5 lb roast in its brine. I used a product I brought at the Williams-Sonoma store in New Orleans. It has not only the sugar and salt but a number of spices including thyme, sage, dehydrated orange peel etc

Here is the roast after a pat down. I forgot I was suppose to rinse it. That resulted in the outside being a tad salty (nothing I could not handle) but the interior was fine

I had some of this in the frig so I inject a couple of syringes into the meat

This is the roast sitting ready in my tabletop appliance. It uses both convection and light to cook.

The Thane Flavor Wave in action. If you google thane it will bring you to the site where you can get more info on this device. I swear by it. I even bake in it.

The roast at the halfway mark. Ready to be turned over.

Finally product. Total time 1 3/4 hours. Last 15 minutes I put an impromptu root beer glaze on it. The day before I had done refrigerator biscuit donuts and tossed them in a cinnamon sugar. I got to thinking. I did not have root beer but I did have root beer extract. I add a little of that to the sugar and some yellow mustard and then thinned it out to the consistency I wanted with a little blackberry wine I had in the frig. Came out very tasty

Final dish of sliced fresh ham with some pan juices, broccoli sprouts, and lima bean. I am stuffed like a tick

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