Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fresh cut French Fries

Well here is my first rant. People are always saying they do not want French fries that have been frozen. They want the fries cut fresh. Then they complain the the fries are soggy and not crisp. What they don't realize that a lot of places have no idea how to deal with fresh cut fries. They just throw it in the fryer and expect it to come out crispy and nice. Well there are several reasons for soggy fresh fries. First of all they are probably using the wrong type of potato. Second of all they do not realize it is a two step process to crispy fries. First you have to par cook or blanch the fries in oil at a lower temp. Then you pull them out and let cool. When do the final fry it must be at a higher temperature and only takes a few minutes. Most small operations do have the space, time or manpower to do this or don't realize they have to do it. The manufacturers of frozen fries have done the blanching so all that has to be done is the final fry. I will take a frozen fry any day over the most of the so called "fresh " any day of the week. Now if you know that the establishment is doing it properly fresh is superior. But I would think that is a small minority

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