Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Lunch Box

This venue at 1800 Broad Street (433-2168) serves a fine plate lunch. I must remember to stop in on Tuesdays when they feature pig tails. However today I got something just as good and available everyday here. Chicken Gizzards. I can hear you now. Ugh, how can you eat that. They are disgustingly chewy. Wrong. Gizzard are served with pride here. Both stewed gizzard (of which I got a dinner) and fried gizzards. They are also prepared and cooked with not only pride but a great deal of skill. My stewed gizzards were tender and juicy with a spicy gravy, I can also attest to the tenderness of the fried product. I choose greens and cornbread for my sides. The greens were spicy, smoky with a vinegar snap. The cornbread a bit on the sweet side just like my mother made so it made me feel at home. As usual in places like this I wind up being the only person staying and eating. Most their trade is take away. So if you are looking for soulful plate lunch here is your place. The owner of this place is the brother of the guy who owns Lagniappe Cafe at the truck stop casino. You would not believe what he cooks on Sunday. I will have to post my recent meal there

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