Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here are two of the three new small items on the menu. I got this as combo they are featuring. You can get two of the new items, a side item and a drink for $5. The first item is the Delta Mini. A chicken nugget on a mini bun with a spicy sauce. The sauce was OK but the nugget was mostly breading. That combined with the mini bun was just too much carbohydrates with not enough meat. Also the bun tended to get gummy. The nugget on the biscuit might be better

Now the wrap option was a totally different story. A strip of crusted chicken breast with more white meat than crust set on top of red beans and rice in a yellow flour tortilla. The chicken strip was meaty and crisp. It went well against rice and beans. The tortilla was not too bready and I have no explanation why it was yellow. This reminded me of a meal I had at Zea's recently. Red beans and sausage with a piece of fried chicken on top. I loved that and this little wrap reflects that concept. It is sorta like a New Orleans neighborhood restaurant Monday staple made portable. This I would buy again

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