Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taco Bell

My first post and I am already revealing secrets about myself. My name is Arthur Hebert and I am a fast food addict. I am addicted to the convenience (Drive thru) especially since my amputation. I am addicted to the new items. I just have to try them. I am addicted to the flavors that is to say I am addicted to the fat content. Fat is flavor carrier. So a certain number of posts will be devoted to this. I have been eyeing Taco Bell's summer drink for a while. I finally broke down and got one today along with a Big Bell box. The drink was a disappointment for me because is basically a frozen carbonated drink and I do not like carbonated drinks frozen or unfrozen. Has to do with being raised up on non-carbonated drinks. The box held a Double Decker Taco which was certainly up to their standards of taste. I kinda liked the combo of flour and corn tortilla. The Fajita Steak Melt came up short on most fronts except for having too much flour tortilla. It was basically tasteless and soggy with little meat as you can see in the pic. The cinnamon twists were wonderful as usual

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Anonymous said...

Lordy, Bear....back away from the Taco Bell slowly. Life is too short to eat mass-produced food.