Monday, August 25, 2008

Ryan's Family Restaurant

Finding Sunday breakfast not to mention brunch is a hard row to hoe in Lake Charles. Most the independents are closed. One good option is Ryan's on Ryan. Granted nothing fancy but the food is edible and they offer such things as an omelet and egg station. Heck they will even do sunny side. Even though the edges are a bit crispy critters for the most part the whites were soft and the yolks runny. Just the way I love it. Add some semi decent grits (instant I am sure but doctorable) crisp bacon and fresh sourdough toast. You have got what I consider a special breakfast for me. Special because I only do this a couple times a year. Most weekdays it is cafe au lait at work. On weekends I also do a special cafe au lait and do a breakfast type meal about 10:30 or so. It usually is not what I call a full bore fry up like this. So until Pitt Grill decides to rebuild in town I think Ryan's is better than OK. By the way Happy Birthday Juanita

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