Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Groupon stop.  Did not work out so well.  Below is their Seafood Gumbo Our gumbo is well seasoned and hold all the flavors of Louisiana. Served with a little rice and rounded out with crackers on the side.  Unfortunately their interpretation includes copious amounts of sausage along with seafood,  I have had this before and it is not bad if used judiciously.  Not here and plus the sausage tasted as if it was ready to go off.  Not my favorite

Shrimp Jennifer They take shrimp and saute them in butter with garlic, green onions, and parsley served on a bed of lemon butter sauce. Served with garlic french bread and parsley potatoes.  Looks delicious and it would have been if the butter sauce would not have had a ton of salt.  The shrimp were fine seasoning wise and perfectly cooked.  But the pleasure of of sopping up the unctuous sauce was not.  Finally I mashed the potatoes in it.  It cut the salt enough that I could enjoyed it
Fresh Fruit Cobbler Made daily. Ask you server for today's selection.  The cobbler was peach and it was peach of one.  Fantastic flavor.  Made the meal.  Peaches sweet and loaded with sweet spices.  The crust was more of a brown sugar crumble with sweet spices.  I really liked it.  I doubt I will return here but again there is that cobbler.
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