Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Natachee 3622 Main Street Houston, TX 77002-9502 (713) 524-7203

This place is an eclectic designed restaurant (virtually decorated with found stuff and music posters on the wall) with a down home menu that they bumped up. The full name is Supper n' Punch.  Below is a split pea soup with ham and croutons.  They had pureed it so it was creamy with loads of flavor.  Best I have had in awhile
Below is the meatloaf plate.  Two huge slices of fall apart meatloaf.  They topped it with a red gravy, huge onion ring and a sunny side egg.  The gravy was nasty to me.  After I scraped it off the meatloaf and toppings were good.  The loaf mainly meat with good seasonings (no filler).  The huge pile of potatoes also proved excellent if a lot
I did not know the main plate was going to be so huge so I had ordered some sides.  The one on the right is mac & cheese.  Pretty pedestrian but tasty.  The one on the left is a stir fry of vegetables that proved surprising.  It consisted of tomatoes, spinach, and shaved fennel.  I like fennel and I loved this.
Finally some Texas peach cobbler.  Just what I would expect.  Canned peaches in a spiced syrup under a pie crust top.  Quite good.  I liked the vibe.  If you are into music you would love this place
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