Sunday, December 25, 2011

Aucoin 7591 Highway 14 E Hayes, LA 70646 (337) 622-3582

Sorry about the out of focus. A cup of seafood gumbo.  I like that they bring the rice out separate.  It was dark the way I like it.  However it did have a slight burnt taste as if they had gone too far.  It was not enough to complain about though
I got the seafood platter and  they brought it out on a platter.  It included stuffed crab, stuffed pistolette, hush puppies, an angel on horseback (fried bacon wrapped shrimp), a devil on horseback (fried bacon wrapped oyster), fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried catfish and fried frog leg.  I got onion rings instead of fries.  For the most part everything was was excellent.  Well fried with proper coatings.  I did have a problem with the pistolette and the stuffed crab.  This new fad of frying the pistolette then stuffing it I do not care for and fried stuffed crabs have to have a stuffing of more breading than crab to fry.  I prefer the old fashioned broiled crab.  Again what I wish and what I get are two different things.  Those two item compared to the whole platter were minor.
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