Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Back across the river for some genuine Mexican food. This is the ceviche shrimp tostada. Get use to seeing this as I will be ordering as an appetizer for awhile. I love the combination of sweet, salty, spicy and tangy with the lushness of the avocado and mayo. It is almost an Indo Chinese dish because of all those flavors coming together. As you can see I am so much into it that I almost did not take a picture.
Below is their Coctel de Camaron. I got because they did not have the other one with all the seafood in it. The tomato base is thicker, sweeter, and spicier than El Tapatio. They use a lot of serrano peppers here and that is what is used here. It was just as delicious and sweat inducing as what I am use too. I look forward to have the seafood one.

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