Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocky's Cajun Kitchen


Rocky’s Cajun Kitchen
211 West Prien Lake Road
Lake Charles LA

Seven days a week 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM $1 to $26

In the other former Mama Rosa’s this Cajun fry house from Eunice has opened a branch. First time in I ate an impressive Seafood Gumbo. Not only was the roux nice and dark it contained shrimp, crabmeat, and crawfish with a boiled egg, something that reminds me of my mother’s gumbo. The Soft Shell Crab Po Boy proved great with decent bread and two well fried crabs. The French fries were great also and you know how I am about French fries. Only complaint is that there seemed to be a crabbier taste than I am use to. The topper was the in-house Sweet Dough Blackberry Pie. It was delicious and something I have never seen in a restaurant setting. My mother’s sister made fantastic ones but at home.

Second time in I was with two of my group. My food board friend got a superb Fried Shrimp Po Boy. Lots of fried just right shrimp dressed just right with again great fries. My baking friend’s combo of Shrimp and Catfish showed the same attention. The six jumbo shrimp were in a flour coating and the filet in a corn flour one as it should be. Both fried perfectly. My Chicken and Sausage Gumbo showed the same attributes as the seafood one, delicious except for the undercooked rice. The plate lunch of Shrimp Creole suffered the same fate. While the shrimp were perfect, the sauce was thin with no discernable vegetables. I expect big chunks of tomato, onion and bell pepper in my Creole. The rest of the plate lunch meet the standards of such things.

A lot of the appetizers that I had here were not to my taste. Both the Boudin Balls and Crab Cakes had a thick crust that had been fried rock hard. While the interior was ok, the crust and the side of Etouffee dipping sauce proved problematic for me. I found the sauce thin and acrid. The Onion Rings also suffered from over coating, more breading than onion. Although I liked the Prawn and Crab Cocktail I found it contained small shrimp and surimi. What brought it over the top was the excellent mustard based Cajun sauce.

The fried chicken however was well worth the 15 minute wait. Fresh from the fryer the pieces were crisp on the outside and tender moist on the inside. They remained so until the last bite. They seemed to have been marinated and well seasoned before being coated in flour and fried to a T. Also the built up Bacon Swiss Cheese Burger I got proved excellent. Nice juicy patty with melted cheese and crisp bacon along with onion and tomato (I do not care for lettuce) on a nice soft bun reminiscent of backyard grilling of yore.

During the course of my visits I had Sweet Potato and Lemon sweet dough pie. Both were delicious. However of the seven desserts on the menu only cheesecake and these pies were available. The others sounded homemade and delicious and I would have liked to have tasted them.

While I had problems with some of the menu, I would whole heartily recommend any of the fried seafood, fried chicken, gumbo, or burgers here along with the sweet dough pies. I called it a fry house for good reason.

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Anonymous said...

Been there and was really disappointed. The food was unremarkable. I would not return