Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chicken Fried Steak

A couple of months ago I picked up a package of chopped steak in the discount meat bin of a local supermarket. A true son of my father I sometimes cannot pass up a bargain. On getting it home and thinking about what to do with it I hit upon chicken fried steak. It worked out pretty good and I now buy it on a regular basis. I like Krogers because they not only do beef but pork also which is very good. I have nailed down the process. That is what follows

About an hour or so before I take out the cutlets and soak them in milk or buttermilk with a heavy dose of a Tabasco product. Below is beef in milk with Tabasco habanero. I use what ever I have in the pantry.
Then some self rising flour with a ton of seasoning. I am using up Konriko Greek seasoning that has sage and oregano.
I heavily dust the cutlet dripping with wash and press in the flour mixture
It then goes into my deep fat fryer until cooked. Sorry no picture of that as I forgot to take it as it came out of the oil. However I did record my new twist. Deep fat frying leaves you with no gravy which is probably a good thing in my case. Plenty of calories in the crust. Below is the results of poaching eggs in my new tabletop appliance.
Final product of chicken fried steak, poached eggs, and Mrs Renfro Peach Salsa. It was delicious.

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