Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pasture Raised Chicken

You may remember a couple of Sunday's ago an article in the American Press that talked about a unique way of raising chicken called pasture raising. That farmer comes to the Cash & Carry Farmers Market. I bought one of his chickens and here it is below ready to be cooked. It is about 4 lbs I seasoned it very simply. Some Cherchies Lime n Pepper mix with a little oil is the base.
I rubbed this all over the chicken, inside and out, then lifted the breast skin and massage it into the breast meat
This is after 30 minutes breast side down in my new tabletop appliance
Below is the fully cooked bird after 30 minutes breast side up
Dismembered half chicken on the plate with au jus
I found this bird to contain less fat than supermarket chicken. Also the skin and what fat there was lily white not yellow. The yellow indicates that the bird has been finished off with feed corn. While I could perceive no difference in the taste (sort of bland without seasoning) between this and supermarket chicken I know for a fact that this chicken is healthy with no antibiotics involved. If the chicken is healthy it is healthy for you. At this point in time the chicken are not available at the market because it is in between growing cycles. However he will take down your name to reserve you a chicken without a deposit. He sells small, medium and large ones. Come on down to the market at the corner of Enterprise and Broad on Tuesday from 4 to 6 PM and check them out

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