Friday, June 25, 2010

Victoria’s Taqueria


Victoria’s Taqueria
1004 Broad Street
Lake Charles, LA

Monday to Saturday 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM $1.50 to $15

To a former gas station turned donut shop now comes a take away only Mexican taco venue. What is nice is they can utilize a couple of additional features if they choose to. There is a large room in front of the counter where tables and chairs could be placed so people could sit down to eat what they have gotten at the counter. It has the requisite restrooms. They also have a drive thru window that could be limited to call in and pick up orders. That would certainly make me a happy fellow.

For breakfast they have the usual suspects (egg, bacon, sausage, etc) on either corn or flour tortillas. I went for Chicharron, pork skin braised in their atomic green salsa. I love the texture and flavor so I will take the heat for this dish. The other one I went with was Nopalitos. This is Nopale cactus pedals dethorned and skinned. They cut them into strips and braise with red bell pepper and spices. They taste to me like a cross between asparagus and green beans, definitely a return item.

Lunch proteins can come in Gorditas, plate lunch with rice and beans or the taco options. Offal guy that I am I tried the Tripitas (beef intestine). This proved the mildest and beefiest thing I ate here and I loved it. For those less inclined try the Barabcoa. Nice shredded beef with a lovely flavor and back note of smoke. You will love it as I did. The two above were on corn tortillas. Gorditas are a thicker corn tortilla that is split and stuffed. You can almost eat it like a sandwich. I got Pastor (pork) and Picadillo (ground beef and potato) this way. I disliked the Pastor normally a favorite. It was gummy and odd tasting. I could only think that it had been over marinated with the pineapple juice that is part of its preparation. After the addition of salt to the Picadillo it proved alright. I prefer mine with olives and raisins.

On Tuesday and Wednesday they offer Pork Tamales. They possess an unusual white corn masa which I liked a lot. What I did not care for was the filling was a single piece of rather chewy pork in the spicy green salsa. I just could not take the heat while trying to chew the meat. Perhaps if the meat had been a large chop I would like it better. On Saturday they do Menudo. For the second time in my life hominy was not included, must be a regional thing. This one possesses honey comb tripe in a medium spicy broth with limes, chopped onions and cilantro to accompany it. It proved quite tasty.

I wish these people all the luck. I will return for Menudo and to see if the tamales change up. They also offer Horchata and Jamaica along with the regular American lineup.


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