Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I had to kill a little time before coming home because the lady who cleans my house sometimes run behind. I have noticed recently that Phil and Leona's was now just Leona's. I had to check it out. It has the same menu and the same people seem to be manning the counter and such. I got the lunch plate. Below is smothered turkey wings, potato salad and greens. Looking at those huge wing parts you may think as I did "no way they can be cooked all the way through". Not only were they cooked all the way through they were fall of the bone tender without being dry. Plastic fork tender with wonder flavor. The gravy could have use a boost. The greens were cooked with ox tail tips and the green color in the potato salad seemed to be parsley. All was good

The corn bread was sturdy (more corn meal than flour) but had an underlying sweetness I love. Went well with greens
Probably from a mix yet it added the right note of sweetness to complete the meal

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