Friday, June 25, 2010



Floyd’s Cajun Seafood & Texas Steakhouse
2290 1-10 South
Beaumont TX

Seven days a week 1100 AM to 10: 00 PM $2 to $24

I go to Internet sites that feature food from Houston to New Orleans. One day I noticed an establishment that started around Houston had an outpost in Beaumont. I scoped out the website and it looked interesting. I gathered some of my eating group and we had lunch there on a Saturday. It is situated in the old Don’s Seafood building. The interior seems shopworn but clean.

The breadbasket that hit the table as we sat down proved to be garlic bread made with a decent French bread. Crab Boulletes and Crab Stuffed Grilled Mushrooms appetizers were ordered for the table. The boulletes proved to a rice base product formed, coated and fried. They contained more than 50% crab and quite tasty. The mushrooms were huge and had been dewatered as not to water down the filling. That filling contained at least 75% crab and the grilling add a nice smoky flavor. Lemon butter accompanied it.

I ordered Seafood Gumbo. A very dark roux added its flavor to a superior seafood broth with a fair amount of crab and shrimp. This and the rice on the side made this a slam-dunk for me.

My baking friend went with a Shrimp Creole. It contained lots of large shrimp in a tomato sauce with onions and green peppers. My taste proved to have a bitter undertone. A little sugar could cure that. My food board friend opted for Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya. What came out could have feed at least three people with leftovers. What seemed at first to be a red i.e. tomato jambalaya prove to be coloration from the sausage which besides being smoky contained lots of paprika (Mexican influence?). My taste had a good spicy flavor profile with a well-cooked rice base and tasty chicken. My engineer friend went with Grilled Snapper. It looked perfect and was perfectly seasoned but slight overcooked which destroyed the texture. The mushrooms were so good that my sister had them for her meal.

I went with Seafood Courtbouillon. Not like the tomato based one of Southwest LA, this one was roux based with no tomato. I got a huge amount of sautéed large shrimp and crawfish along with fried catfish pieces in a dark stew like liquid with onions and bell pepper. It tasted wonderful and I liked it a lot because of the dark roux. When done properly the roux lend a roasty toasty nutty flavor to a dish.

We tried their Bread Pudding. We were put aback when it hit the table. The sauce covering it was pink like Pepto-Bismol. Once someone got the courage to taste it, it proved ok. One diner suggested a strawberry base. The bread pudding itself had peaches in it. All in all not a terrible dish as first appeared.

This is an excellent place to stop if in route on I-10 for a little different take on Cajun cuisine. We never got to chance to taste the Texas side.


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