Thursday, June 10, 2010

Church's Wild Wings

They have two flavors of interest to me. The one below is boneless white meat with Chile Lime. Funny thing is the nuggets are sorta shaped like chicken wing. These were excellent. A big citrus tang ( y0u could see the zest in the sauce) and a more than medium spice level. Just the way I love it. These are the traditional bone in wings with the Sweet and Spicy. Neither one came across very well. Only on one piece could I get the sweetness with a mild spice level. I think the problem here is that they pour the sauce on the wings rather than tossing them to coat.The big surprise was the new dessert. Strawberry Shortcake. They start with one of their biscuits then pour sliced strawberries with lots of juice and top with whipped cream. As you can see they are improvising on the container. The bottom is too small for the biscuit to lay flat. Although not esthetically pleasing it was delicious. I just kinda smooshed it up. The honey biscuits complement the juice and getting a crispy bit of biscuit adds to it
As the wings are $2.99 for six and the shortcake $1.29 this is a definite do over and over. At least until they stop selling them

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