Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Wild Truffle 815 West Bayou Pines Drive Lake Charles, LA 70601 (337) 439-8364

In the past 5 years or so it has become a habit bordering on a tradition that I eat Christmas Eve at the Wild Truffle. I do not take pictures because it can disturb the other guests and it disturbs me. I have come to value this time to wind down from the year and just enjoy myself. Most other meals are work for me. However I am not adverse to sharing my meal with my readers.

Quail Brik with fire roasted peppers, sun-dried tomato, artichoke & scallions, wrapped in a thin pastry dough with soft cooked egg, pan seared crispy in olive oil and served with fresh lemon
Brik is traditionally a dish from north Africa (Moroccan) encased in filo dough. Chef Chetto did an excellent job. Nice and crispy with wonderful flavors with the yolk of the egg making an excellent sauce

Roasted Beet & Shaved Black Truffle warm chèvre and beet greens. In general I do not care for salads but I will eat any one Chef Chetto cares to offer. The earthiness of the beets, sharp notes of the goat cheese and slight bitterness of the greens made for an interesting combo. The most unusual and perhaps best tasting was one several years ago of citrus segments and a dressing of olive oil and the juices sprinkled with gold leaf

Roasted Goose black truffle mashed potato, chestnut stuffing, asparagus, cranberry sauce, natural jus. I have never had domestic goose before. It was juicy and a bit chewy. The earthy mashed potatoes shone with truffle taste. Chestnuts are very starchy and so was the dressing.

Gala Apple Tart Tatin with Vanilla Bean Gelato traditional caramelized upside down apple tart. I am afraid the caramel in my tart was burnt. The gelato was good however

The Wild Truffle

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