Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bailey's American Grille

Another one that ain't there anymore. Not my fault. It had excellent food and was packed when I went there a month before it closed. It was a family owned and run establishment. From some newspaper articles I ran across it seemed that one family member had been skimming and neglecting to pay vendors and employees. Strangely the same article talked about a new establishment to be opened in Kemah in the future.

Below is the bread plate with whipped butter in the center surrounded by french bread slices and a yeast roll with sun dried tomato in it.
I followed that with Texas “Tornadoes”. Beef Tenderloin Bites topped with Roasted Jalapeno Goat Cheese and Jumbo Lump Crab with Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce. Served with Smoked Tomato Relish. The photo is a bit washed out. A chance you run using a flash in a dark restaurant. However the flavor was not washed out. Nice combination of beefy, spicy,tart, sweet and smoky.
I always like to taste the gumbo especially in southeast Texas. Most times they are a disappointment but this Filé Gumbo with Shrimp, Crab, Andouille Sausage, Dark Roux was as good as I have ever tasted. You can see the richness from the pic.

The Texas Tomato Salad was a flop. It supposedly consisted of Homegrown Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, Shaved 1015 Yellow Onions,Goat Cheese and Saba Dressing (whatever that is). While the salad components and dressing were good the tomatoes were not ripe.

For my entree I ordered pan sauteed red snapper fillet topped with crabmeat with a lobster vanilla cream sauce with andouille risotto
The fillet was cooked perfectly, crisp skin and succulent moist flesh. The lump crab topping was good. The sauce made all the difference. It tied the savory of the fish and sweetness of the crab together. The risotto was wonderful to my surprise. Usually it is cooked Italian style (undercooked as far as I am concerned) or overcooked which makes it really mushy. This was right in the middle
For dessert it was brown sugar cake with spiced blueberry compote
Nice light cake with brown sugar flavor that went well with the blueberries flavored with cinnamon and cloves
Ain't I a stinker. Tempting you again with food you can not get now. Such is life

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