Sunday, December 5, 2010

Daigles Sausage Kitchen 726 East Russell Avenue, Welsh LA 70591-4844

I fondly call this place 20 mile cafe. It is one of my favorite places if not the favorite place I like to eat at. The reason is that it is fantastic SW LA home cooking. It puts me in mind of my dear mother's (may her soul be at peace) cooking. I may not go often any more but it is great when I do. I got some smoked boudin for home. He puts a nice heavy smoke and the casing is crisp enough to eat. I do love a heavy smoke on anything. I ate it like a ravenous dog.
The reason I went. Crab and Shrimp Gumbo with poached eggs. Little evidence of crab except in the broth which is fine with me. For me the broth makes the gumbo. If done properly all the goodness is there and you need nothing but the juice and rice. However the shrimp and egg were a nice addition and cooked to perfection. Rice just OK
You get two sides. I opted for a sweet potato casserole which was quite delicious
and the potato salad. A semi mashed potato style with chopped boiled eggs and mayo.
Next time I may ask them to 86 the rice and I will eat it with the potato salad and sweet potato. Around Opelousas they eat gumbo with a spoon in one hand and a baked sweet potato in the other.

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