Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Foundation House

This falls in the realm "Ain't there no more". I noticed the signs at the Foundation House blues club on north Enterprise Blvd at the beginning of the summer. There never seem to be any cars there at lunch. I called to be sure they were open. Both times I went there were no other customers either there or picking up. First time in.

Smothered turkey wings and necks, corn, cabbage, rice & gravy, sweet potatoes, corn bread. Two necks and third joint (tasty but not a lot of meat), sweet potatoes right out of can, cabbage good but spicy, same with corn, cornbread very sweet. There was always plenty of food but some of it was way too hot for me.
Second round was smothered pork chop (tender), okra and tomatoes (super hot) and green beans with a roll and rice. Again lots of food good flavor profiles and lots of spice.
There never was a third time. I got caught up in something I remember not By the time I was able to go back the signs were down and no one pick up the phone at lunch. So I now get to torment you my readers with what might have been.

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