Friday, December 10, 2010

Jackson's Deli


Jackson Deli
3607 Legion St
in the Exxon Station
Lake Charles LA

Monday thru Friday 5 AM to 2 PM $2 to $6.50

Sometimes the best food comes from the most unlikely places. This place used to serve only fried food and now it does not even have a single fryer. It now serves great tasting relatively health food and uses as much locally sourced product it can. That is because the man behind it believes in such things. I worked with him and can attest to his desire to go local and also the skill he brings to his kitchen to assure that the food you get will taste fantastic. If you go in the venue, you too will feel the warmth and enthusiasm of him and his co-workers. It makes for a friendly atmosphere to pick up your order or eat it there. There are just a few tables in the space but I tend to want to eat at an establishment if I can rather than take it away. Sitting there I can feel the friendly give and take between the people on both sides of the counter. All are treated with respect. These days there are lots of customers because they have heard of this fabulous place from their co-workers and friends, nothing like word of mouth to build a faithful clientele.

My first meal exemplified many of the attributes here. A pork shoulder roast had been braised until plastic fork tender and flavorful. I received a substantial hunk and was well pleased. Some grilled vegetables along with Kurk Unkl’s special rice accompanied it. A great example of a local source, this rice is nationally known but locally grown. You can pick it up at the Cash and Carry Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays. One rather nippy day I went with the spicy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. The soup was delicious with just the right level of spice. Not enough to kill your taste bud but enough to make you sit up and notice. The grilled cheese on a hoagie bun held three different cheeses. Another day it was the Parmesan Chicken Sandwich. The in house breaded chicken breast pieces pan sautéed then layered on a hoagie with a made from scratch tomato sauce topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese prove exquisite. I savored every bite wishing for more when I finished. I got a lagniappe of garlic sautéed green beans with it, great. Also some where down the line I got a gratis serving of baked Mac & Cheese which was lovely. There are no leftovers here. Everything is made fresh each morning.

They do a breakfast trade also consisting of croissant and biscuit sandwiches along with breakfast burritos. They also do the standard stuff along with an unusual thing, breakfast pizza. I went for this. It is a mini pizza on standard dough topped with parmesan cheese sauce, sausage, potatoes, eggs and cheese. I loved it, both nutritious and tasty. I also got a side of grits. I can tell a lot about a place by their grits. These proved exceptional, cooked from scratch and finished off with cheese and a bit spicy. Just the way I love it.

They offer Breakfast, Fresh Salads and Sandwiches along with a daily special plate and sandwich. Well worth the trouble to seek them out. Nice place for grabbing a lunch to go.

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